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Santorini Island Screensaver (Free Download)

System Requirements:

Platform Windows

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • Pentium 200 or higher
  • 16 Mb RAM
  • Sound card

Click the button(s) to start the download.

  1. Primary Download 10.45MB
  2. Alternative Download 10.45MB

Estimated download time:
T1 - (1,5 mbps) ~57sec
DSL/Cable - (768 kbps) ~1min 51sec
DSL/Cable - (384 kbps) ~3min 43sec
Dial-up - (53.3 kbps) ~26min 46sec

RegNow Installer - You will get a small (~120k) download manager (installer) first. Remain online and double-click the manager to get up-to-date version of Santorini Island Screensaver.

Order Online!

Get a full version of Santorini Island Screensaver while downloading it.